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We Are Hosting World-Renowned Names

We are not breaking the mould and will be hosting important names of Process Safety community in the III. International Process Safety Symposium. Follow us to join this symposium together with the speakers who will be announced shortly.

We Have United Our Forces

This year we have united our forces as the International Process Safety Symposium and the Process Automation Exhibition and have created the most powerful event of the process safety and automation field in Turkey and nearby region. World-renowned names, most distinguished academic studies and the biggest brands of Turkey are getting together under the same roof.

Preparatory Workshops Are Going on

Preparatory workshops organized under the leadership of ENOSAD have been carried out with the attendance of major representatives of the process automation industry. Workshops which has been turned into a platform where the issues of industry have been tackled in addition to the discussions about the symposium and exhibition will be repeated until the symposium and exhibition dates.

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